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Phishing: what it is and why our service will be useful to you

Phishing is a type of cybercrime that involves tricking people into giving away sensitive information, such as passwords and login details, by pretending to be a legitimate entity. This is often done through email or text messages that appear to come from a bank, government agency, or other trusted source.

Phishing attacks can be difficult to spot, as the perpetrators often use fake websites and logos to make their messages appear legitimate. They may also use urgent or threatening language to pressure the victim into divulging sensitive information.

Our service can be useful to you in protecting against phishing attacks by providing tools and information to help you identify and avoid these types of scams. For example, we may offer training on how to spot phishing emails, as well as tools that can help you verify the authenticity of websites and emails before entering your personal information.

It is important to be vigilant against phishing attacks and to take steps to protect your personal information. This may include using strong, unique passwords for each of your accounts, being cautious when clicking on links or entering personal information online, and regularly checking your accounts for any unusual activity.

How To Login Your Account (in general)

The most common problem users have is finding the login page/form. Often they get caught by scammers who create phishing pages. SpectRum – serves to provide users with real login pages and help with login problems.


1 - Visit the official website

Go to the bookmaker's website and look for the "Sign Up" or "Register" button. This is usually located in the top right corner of the homepage.

2 - Fill out a registration form

Click on the button and you will be taken to the registration form.

3 - Login Button

Click on the "Login" button

Please note that the specific registration process may vary slightly from one bookmaker to another. If you have any issues or questions, you can usually find help in the bookmaker’s customer support section or here (link to our partners).